3X & The Theory of Everything – Explore, Expand, Extract

Session Category :  Keynote 
March 23, 2018
09:00  -  10:00


3X is a new way of thinking that provides a common language for CEO’s, CIO’s, CTOS, CFOs, Marketing, Product Managers, Development teams & Operations. It builds a bridge between the innovative, risk-taking, experimental elements of an organisation, and the risk-averse & change-resistant.

It helps us understand how modern digital businesses succeed, and opens our eyes to the reasoning and rationale behind the perceived conflicts between Agile & Waterfall approaches.

3X was devised by Kent Beck, creator of many of the agile practices we take for granted today. Some of the most forward-thinking digital businesses are already evolving and exploiting these ideas – from video advertising to the largest social media brands.

Antony has built upon this thinking and found that it connects many more concepts than would at first be apparent. In this talk, experience Antony’s extensions of 3X. Discover how it can guide the freshest of start-ups; and how it can resolve many of the perceived contradictions of rapid innovation in even the largest, risk-averse organisations.

Tags: 3X, Explore, Expand, Extract Agile, “Kent Beck”