Agile and Organisational Resilience: Creating Opportunities Through Crisis and Change

Session Category :  Talk 
July 30, 2021
15:45  -  16:30


The agile and lean mindset enables enterprises to continuously reorientate itself to respond to changing market forces. It enables teams to create new customer propositions to replace retiring cash cows. This application is becoming increasingly recognised across business functions and industries.

In what other business concerns will the agile and lean mindset next cast its lens?

In this talk, I propose the mindset can enable enterprises to strengthen its resilience to unforeseen circumstances. I will explain how agile and lean can enable organisations to survive, thrive and create opportunities through crisis and change.

The talk will cover:
* Why organisational resilience is critically relevant to your team and organisation
* How agile and lean can enable your organisation to prepare and adapt to a crisis
* How we, as practitioners, can develop and apply this thinking to our teams and organisations

Tags: Enterprise, Business Agility, Agile Mindset