Agile is Dead

Session Category :  Talk 
March 22, 2018
10:30  -  11:15


Scrum is today the most adopted Agile practice in the world. Since it was introduced to the world in 1995 in the Oopsla conference at Austin, Texas, in the USA, by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber, Scrum changed the way the majority of the organizations develop software. Organisations, courses, trainers, certifications, and adoption success case studies emerged since then… but what’s missing?

Are all companies successfully adopting Agile & Scrum? Are the certifications enough to create certified / professionals in Scrum? How about Agile transitions? How peaceful are they? Do all developers love Scrum? Is Agile working for the software development?

You will be exposed to the naked truth about the current status of Agile & Scrum, their ecosystems and last but not least to philosophical reflections about human nature. For the brave ones, see you on the other side!

Tags: Agile, Scrum, Origins, Reality, Status, Purpose