Embedding Agile in any Meeting

Session Category :  Workshop 
March 23, 2018
13:30  -  15:15


We all want to make our teams, departments and organisations more Agile – so they can be more flexible, creative and responsive to their customers and environments, deliver better results more quickly, and ultimately add more to the bottom line.

But an Agile Transition can be long and painful – there are lots of training courses to attend, lots of processes to change, lots of tools to adopt and lots of resistance to overcome.

But wherever you’re at in your Agile Transition, it’s always possible to become more Agile just by adopting a more Agile mindset. It’s possible to embed the Agile mindset into any meeting (or indeed any conversation).

How? In this workshop we’ll use techniques from both “improv” and “Solutions Focus,” that quickly and easily embody the Agile mindset.

Improvisation, or “improv”, is all about letting go of preconceptions, listening to what’s actually being said, and building progress on the contributions that everyone wants to make. When anyone in a meeting starts to use improv principles and practices, the meeting becomes more Agile. As peoples’ ideas get included, so everyone feels more involved and enthusiastic about making progress.

Solutions Focus is a conversational toolkit that makes meetings more positive, more flexible, more constructive, and more productive of concrete, practical ways forward that everyone can agree to and do.

Both of these approaches help develop Psychological Safety – which, according to Google research, is “far and away the most important” factor for high team performance.

Tags: Agile Mindset, Agile Transformation