From Agile Mentor to Agile Coach: Growing a Deeper Understanding of Coaching

Session Category :  Talk 
March 23, 2018
15:45  -  16:30


It turns out Agile Coaching is something very different to what many people think it is. 18 Months ago, Toby started working as an Agile Coach which led him to a disorientating dilemma. Toby was confident he knew lots about Agile, but he always wondered what coaching was all about. He was soon to learn that he had a shallow understanding of Coaching and he was not alone. He’d come to realise that many coaches, including himself, were really acting as Agile Mentors rather than Agile Coaches. Advice and instruction were more common than active listening or powerful questions. In fact, Toby hadn’t even realised Agile Mentoring and Agile Coaching was not that same thing!

In this talk, Toby will share the vital lessons that have led him to a deeper understanding of what Coaching is and what it means for his Agile Coaching practice. He will share his early experiences of coaching and some embarrassing stories from these early attempts. He’ll share how he managed to find the gold nuggets amongst a plethora of internet psychobabble. Finally, he’ll share his experience of undertaking a Professional Coaching course and accreditation with the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

Toby started out on his journey keen to understand how coaching could equip him with the best ways to help others. However, what Toby didn’t realise is that this would be more of a journey inwards, to a greater awareness of himself. He found that only first growing himself could he best serve others and being coached was an important part of enabling that growth.

Toby will inspire you by sharing his real-life experience. You will leave with practical insight into how to become a coach or grow further in your coaching practice.

Tags: Coaching, Mentoring, Agile, Personal Development, Mindfulness, Career Development