It’s not Done Until it’s Gone!

Session Category :  Talk 
March 22, 2018
16:45  -  17:30


Time and time again I see the team or portfolio boards with a magical “Done” column that everyone strives to put their cards in.

Have you considered that when you put the stories, products and services in that column, they are far from “done” in fact, they have just started their proper lifecycle!

The fallacy of being “done” seems to be a latent consequence of the lingering Project mindset that we have been exposed for years.
It’s time to take the next step and start considering the full lifecycle profits of our hard work.

I would like to share my experience in helping organisations adopt optimal portfolio managing techniques, where the delivery is just a part of a broader product/service lifecycle.

In essence, we are not done when our work hits real users on production but I would like to state the case that it finishes when it’s gone from any active use.

Tags: Portfolio, Lifecycle, Product, Service, Agile Product