Professional Coaching – Making it Playful and Solutions Focused

Session Category :  Workshop 
March 23, 2018
11:30  -  12:45


When there’s a lot of change and pressure, it’s natural for people to get stressed and overwhelmed – so their brains don’t function so well, and they can’t think so clearly. Playful and Solutions Focused Coaching is a great way to quickly and easily help people handle rapidly changing, high-pressure situations – by helping them get into a more positive and productive state, clarify their aims, gather their resources and take immediate and effective action.

In this workshop, we’ll be exploring various techniques for making coaching more playful and Solutions Focused.

Learning Outcomes:

  • practise professional coaching in a playful way
  • learn the difference between a problem focus and a solutions focus – and which is best to use when
  • practice using questions to guide attention in a positive way
  • learn quick and easy ways to build motivation, clarity and confidence
  • receive coaching – so find ways forward with your most pressing problems. Make sure you bring a few because people often run out of problems in these workshops!

Tags: Play, Coaching