The Agile Army

Session Category :  Talk 
March 23, 2018
10:30  -  11:15


What could the Agile/Scrum Community learn from the Army?

Is the mindset a chain of Command and Control of resources (following and obeying orders)?

During this interactive session, we will answer these questions and more. Exploring the speakers personal experiences of Agile in the Army and how he and his colleagues faced this on a continuous basis.
We will do this in an interactive role play format and see what we can learn from some of the best self-organising teams in the world.

Using the Agile Mindset as our base of operations we will explore the following topics:

•       A Team Out on Patrol
•       How equipment is maintained
•       Setting up a new Base
•       Relationship Building exercises
•       Goal Setting

We shall also relate this to how the outside world perceives the Army mindset to operate and why the current expectations of Veterans are miss managing expectations within the corporate world. And how this can even transgress into Agile Adoptions in large Enterprises.

By the end of this session, you will have a new perspective on how the Army is perceived and learnt some valuable lessons on how the world’s elite people work.

Tags: Agile Outside of IT