The Fantastic Leaf Tailed Gecko

Session Category :  Talk 
March 22, 2018
15:45  -  16:30

There are few things as bizarre and as fascinating as the Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko. The gecko has the remarkable ability to camouflage itself and mimic its surroundings. In this talk we explore how to capitalise in an environment undergoing change and transformation. I teach you tried and tested ways to stay safe and keep away from the trailblazers. Whilst others strive for major change, I have spotted opportunities to aid job preservation by advocating caution and safety using small steps.

Just like the fantastic leaf tailed Gecko, we use camouflage to blend into our surroundings and once we understand the confusion we can appear to adapt slowly. In this evolutionary world; success is re-defined as being part of our long term personal security.

Come along if you want to learn a new set of Agile rules which will help you spot the anti-patterns and shine a light on any hidden and camouflaged bad practices which are still rooted in some organisations.

Tags: Sabotage, Productivity-crushing, Caution