Transforming the A in ASOS to Agile

Session Category :  Talk 
March 23, 2018
10:30  -  11:15


We are Agile Coaches and Delivery Managers at ASOS. We run and support a few of our 65 engineering teams. We want to share a part of our story – exciting and not free of challenges.

ASOS Web & Apps evolution and scaling: the journey so far, some of the things that we are experimenting with (all hands demos, feature teams, release champions, …)

Our take on Communities of Practice: how 35 Agile Delivery Managers constantly share their knowledge, learn from each other, grow as a team and have fun along the way.

Different initiatives, different approaches: from traditional waterfall programmes, to fast and cheap validation via experiments, how we are currently working, for real.

A retrospective, as we just delivered a “big bang changeā€: what we definitely did well, what we are not particularly proud of, what we want to make sure we will do differently next time.

Tags: Agile, Scaling, e-com, Delivery, Community of Practice, Lessons Learned, for Real