Understanding how to get Your Demons to Work for you

Session Category :  Workshop 
March 22, 2018
15:45  -  16:30


Early Stage Agile Transformations are about introducing staff to new process and practices. It would be great if that were all it took to ‘become agile’ – in fact it would be great if we ALL could learn something new by being told it once. How wonderful would it be if we could see the logic and wisdom of what we were told, and from then on, we would just do things the new way?

This is not how humans work, sadly.

What actually happens is this:

  • we took a decision in our dim and distant past to do something one way.
  • The world didn’t end, and it sort of got us the result we were after, so every time we want that result again, we repeat our learned behaviour.

It takes a surprisingly short amount of time to learn a new behaviour. It takes an even more surprisingly short amount of time to stop thinking about why we continue to act that way.

Suddenly, a decade or 2 has passed and we are still acting the same way – not because it serves us anymore, but because its what we’ve always done.

And this is where the agile transformation coach comes in, and tries to help teach new agile practices, and turn them into agile habits.

In this workshop we will examine some of our own bad habits, and look to see how we can switch them out for some better ones. These techniques and activities can be taken away and used with your own teams to help improve the adoption of agile practices – or in fact any new habits.

Tags: Habits, Practices, Improvement, Agile Mindset