Rob Lambert

Rob Lambert joined NewVoiceMedia in 2009 as a software tester. He quickly took on Test Management responsibilities before rapidly moving into an Engineering Manager role (there really is no need for Test Managers in a true agile team!).

As Engineering Manager, Rob helped to sow the seeds of the agile culture NewVoiceMedia now enjoys. Rob then moved sideways to HR to lead the Engagement and Enablement function within NewVoiceMedia.

Rob is the author of Remaining Relevant & Employable, The Employable Parent Brain, The Problems With Testing, The Tester Types, Zero To Keynote and many other books about work, tech and personal development.

Rob now runs a blog called Cultivated Management where he’s helping tech managers remain relevant, employable, healthy and effective.

Rob has three kids, an unhealthy obsession with old cars and is a keen photographer. You can find him on Twitter @rob_lambert.


March 22, 2018
Agility Needs HR, and HR Need Agility
15:45  -  16:30